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Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Exactly two years ago I started designing my photocards.

Because of the pandemic, the lockdown and all the rules that came with it, I wasn't able to do family, kids or fashion photoshoots.

So I came up with another idea.

I wanted to make my own cards. Not only because I thought it would be great to be creative and busy photographing even though their was a pandemic , but I also made these so people could send them to one and other . Because lots of people couldn't visit each other that time.

Aerial traffic was stopped and you weren't able to visit your loved ones in hospitals and nursery homes.

I started thinking of ideas, and started creating and designing and that's how my first collection, the blossom collection, was a fact.

I loved being creative in this way. Thinking about a theme, starting from scratch.

So after the flowers, I started making creations with sweets. Macarons, donuts, ice cream (fake ; made of mashed potatoes ;-)) ) and cupcakes.

The one thing all my cards have in common is that they are very colorful.

At that time people were able to order these cards through my website.

But I was thinking bigger and I wanted more people to see my I started sending emails to the big card businesses, like greetz, halmark ,and some shops ..

Because I really believed in my work and I was thinking if you dream, dream big.

But they all had their own designers and companies to work with already. or I didn't get a response.

Until dec 2021, I got an email from Greetz ( again, because they responded to my first email telling me they loved my cards, but they didn't have a spot for a designer at the time) .

They told me they were going through some old emails because they had an opening for a designer for some new cards.

We set up a meeting and it felt great from both sides and then they said they wanted to collaborate with me . WOW, this is such a great step for me as a photographer and designer.

The cherry on the cake.

And since then I am busy creating new

cards and checking all the cards I've made already and see which ones to use.

Now my first selection of cards for Greetz is ready and if all goes well , in April you can see and buy my cards on their website ( instead of on my own shop)

Of course I will keep you posted through social media if I knew the exact date.

So subcrsibe to my news letter and follow me on insta/facebook

don't stop believing in yourself and keep on doing what you love




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