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Your brand is more then just a logo

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

When you think of branding, you might think of the basics: a fantastic logo, a clever tagline, a carefully chosen color palette. But in reality, branding goes way beyond your marketing “stuff” — it’s the emotional connection you create with your clients. From the moment they stumble across your pictures , till the moment they got the final photogallery and every moment in between. So if a brand isn’t your logo, colors, and fonts, what is it? Strong branding doesn’t end with your marketing materials. It should also come through in the way you write, the way you dress, the way you connect with clients, the way you network with vendors, and the way you deliver your final product. Every contact with clients is part of your brand.

A brand represents the whole package – logo, color, and fonts are one part of the package – but it also includes a promise, mission, voice, vision, service delivery and an understanding of who are your clients. In today’s service-oriented society, service is rapidly increasing in importance.

Brand Elements

Brand Promise is how the business fulfills the expectations, meets the needs and builds a customer for life. It defines what your customer/client can expect from your brand every day.

Brand Vision is a look to your future – it sets the parameters to measure success.

Target Customer is who is most likely to use your product or service.

Brand Positioning is the place your brand owns in the mind of the target audience. This position may represent your price point and quality. It represents who you are and who you are NOT.

Brand Statement & Tagline summarizes the who, what and how of the brand in a single phrase or statement.

Brand Drivers are characteristics and emotional benefits of the product or service that differentiate you from your competition.

Brand Character defines the brand in human terms. Character shapes the voice, look, tone and feel of the brand in communication.

Brand Voice is how you speak to your audiences. It might be playful, serious, authoritative, or full of attitude. Voice determines how language is used in all forms of communication.

Brand Look is the visual representation of the brand personality.

Relationships don’t happen overnight. They build over time. With consistent nurturing, a clear message and holding true to your business mission, relationships form and the brand becomes stronger and stronger. It takes hard work, attention your marketing strategy and dedication.

"It's more important to click with people , then to click the shutter."

tot clicks,



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