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Pretty Presets for Lightroom

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Almost all my pictures I edit with the presets from pretty presets in lightroom. I love these presets. You can use them with just one click, but I love to give it a style of my own, so mostly I play with shadows and blacks and exposure.

My favorite preset package is an golden oldy. The first one I bought and I allways go back to this one. Clean edit. They have a new version of it for sale…but mostly I keep using the old one. Next to this one I use other presets, the fan faves, light and airy, bohemian, illumination, etc. Not only can you give your pictures a different color or look, but you can also add different styles of light.

You can imagine how honored I felt when I got asked by Laura, one of the founders/owners of pretty presets, to use some of my pictures in their new blog about photographing and editing dark skin tones.

So for these tips and my pictures go to their website and blog. ( click on picture)

Have fun and I hope you will get inspired.

till clicks,



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