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mobile presets for lightroom

pretty presets mockup vibrant.jpg

Presets (or filters) can be used over your captured photos via the free mobile app: Adobe Lightroom. A preset gives you the opportunity to give your photo a professional effect in no time!  When you buy a filter package you install it quickly and easily and then you can get started right away! 

In this package you will get 6 presets, boho , color, sunny, yellow , clean and light vibrant . Of course it depends on the original picture how this effect turns out. But you can always make your own tweaks on them. They work perfect on underexposed pictures, but otherwise just play with the exposure.

When you click on these pictures below ( on desktop) you will see the original and see the effect with one click on these pictures. 

Besides the complete vibrant package it's also possible to buy one preset only.

After buying you will get the instant download immediately.


boho vibrant


sunny vibrant


color vibrant


yellow vibrant


clean vibrant


light vibrant


First, you download the free app 'Adobe Lightroom' on your phone. This app is necessary to be able to use the filters in. After downloading, when you sign up in the app, you will immediately be given the option to choose a possible subscription form (this is not necessary). You can just use the presets in the unpaid app.


Once you've purchased a preset, add it quickly and easily in the Adobe Lightroom app. 


You will  also get a tutorial  about how to install your presets in the lightroom mobile app.


Then, in the app at the bottom of the (scroll) bar, go to 'presets' and click on 1 of the presets here. The preset immediately shows the post-edited photo. Depending on your original picture you may have to change exposure . ( as you can see my original pictures are underexposed) And of course you can tweak all settings. 

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